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Nathon beach is located on the western shore of the island and often has quite low tides. Nathon is also the central transportation area of the island with ferry boats constantly running to and from the mainland and other islands in the gulf of Thailand. Day trips to Ang Thong National Marine Park also depart from the pier in Nathon. Nathon city is also a center of government offices as well as a great location for shopping. Nathon beach boasts a lively and buzzing promenade. The street alongside the beach is home to many small fresh seafood shops run by the locals. It is also a great location to see a beautiful sunset while on the island. Nathon Beach is also considered a lighthouse at night for signaling the fishermen in the sea.
Bang Makham is the beach just to the North of Nathon. The beach is wide and typically filled with rocks and coral, however, during low tide visitors can stroll down the beach. Bang Makham beach is ideal place for watching the sunset.
Bang Por Beach is in the west of Koh Samui between Nathon Beach and Maenam Beach. Itโ€™s a very quiet and private beach with a great view of Koh Phangan from the shore. Bang Por beach is known for its abundance of delicious and cheap seafood shops and restaurants.
Maenam beach is between Bophut beach and Bang Por beach. Itโ€™s a peaceful beach but visitors need to be careful when swimming because of its deep and wavy water. Maenam is also home to another pier where boats depart to Phangan Island. The boat departs at 12:00 daily and takes about 40 minutes. A special feature of Maenam beach is the peaceful yet vibrant hundred year old community which still thrives there.
Bophut beach is at the north end of the island, next to Maenam beach. The beach is better suited for relaxing than it is for swimming but is very enjoyable for locals and tourists alike. Bophut beach is another location that is very famous for fresh seafood. The beach is lined with many seafood restaurants which have proven to be favorites of tourists over the year. The famous Fishermanโ€™s village is located on Bophut beach and is arguably the main draw of the area. There is also a express boat from Bophut beach to Koh Tao daily.
Chaweng beach is the most famous beach of Samui. The beach boasts about 6 km of soft, white, and powdery sand and crystal clear waters. Chaweng beach is popular with many tourists due to the array of water sports available along with a variety of other services. Chaweng nightlife is bustling with entertainment as well and is known for being the party central of the island when night falls.
Choeng Mon beach is in the north of the island and is a narrow beach with rock lines. Calm, private, and perfect for swimming, Choeng Mon beach is a great location for families and solo travellers alike. Snorkeling is also available at some parts of the beach. There is a small peninsula going out towards the sea and when there is ebb in the tide, it is possible for people to walk to the small neighboring island of Koh Som.
Bangrak beach is next to Bophut beach. From there patrons can walk to the small neighboring island of Koh Faan and explore. Koh Faan holds the huge seated statue of Buddha called Phra Putta Kodom which is also a famous attraction for tourists. From Bangrak beach is it also possible to take boats to the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Boats depart from the Bangrak pier frequently throughout the day.
Lamai beach is another famous beach with a beautiful curved bay and coconut trees lining the beach. Some of the beach has quite deep water and is another area for swimmers to exercise caution in. Lamai is similar to Chaweng Beach in the sense that it is popular with tourists and some areas of the beach are almost as crowded in terms of people, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment as Chaweng beach. One of the famous spot in Lamai beach is Hin Ta Hin Yai or grandmother and grandfatherโ€™s rock. These amazing rock formations of Hin Ta and Hin Yai are on Koh Samuiโ€™s south coast, where many years ago, a group of locals made the discovery. The rocks are well known for resembling the male and female genitalia.
In the past Ban Kao beach was an area largely inhabited by sea animals due to the large area covered by a mangrove forest. However, the islandโ€™s fast paced development has taken away a large part of it thus forcing many of the sea animals to move elsewhere. Today many groups of local and tourists are joining hands to restore the important natural resource back.
Lipa Noi beach is another beautiful beach of Koh Samui that is famous for its stunning sunset views. At the time of the low tide it is possible to walk about 200 meters out in to the sea. If you wish to swim when visiting Lipa Noi beach, the best time is typically from December to April when the water is higher than usual.
Pangka beach in located the south western area of the island and is a very quiet beach. The beach is more of a coastal fishery than a place for people to swim. What you will often see in this area are the traditional long tail boats lined up along the coast. The abundance of fishermen make this area a hidden secret for local delicacies and fresh local seafood restaurants.
Taling Ngam beach is just south of Raja Ferry pier and yet again another famous beach for watching the sunset. Many photographers find this beach to be the ideal location for beautiful photographs as the beach front has a view of the five islands. At some times in the year when watching the sunset the sun can be seen coming down between two of the islands and sinking into the sea. This beach is a place where visitors can charter a boat to travel to the five islands and take snorkeling or fishing tours.