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Chak Phra Festival
Chak Phra has been a long tradition of Samui. It started since a temple became a center of communities, following by several traditions including Wan Ook Pansa or the Final Day of the Lental Season.
Loy Kroh Ceremony
Loy Kroh Ceremony is one of the ceremonies held by the southern locals, who live near the sea, which has been influenced by the Hindus’ ritual in India since Buddha’s era, Purify Ceremony that was. Here’s the story…
Rub Song Ta Yay Festival
Rub Song Ta Yay Festival One of the famous festivals for southern people in Thailand is Sart Duen Sib (especially in Nakhon Sithammarat).
Loy Kratong Festival
Loy Kratong Festival has been in Thai culture since Sukhuthai Era and still celebrates nowadays.
Songkran Day
Samui people adapted Songkran day from North and Central part of Thailand. They would organize the event quite simple, pouring the water to the elders for forgiveness and giving them presents.
Kin Kao Hor Tradition
In the ancient time, native Samui’s occupations are mostly farming, which is far away from their home.
Wan Lang Sart Festival and Kong Dee at Samui
Samui Sanitation and Samui Cultural Center invented this event in 2540 for preserving Thai traditions and supporting Samui’s products such as fruits products, crops, local food, crafting, basketry and kalamere’s making (Kuan Yar Nom).