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Koh Tao Underwater World Festival
Koh Tao Underwater World Festival

Time: Every year in May or June

Venue: Koh Tao

Every year in May or June, the people of Koh Tao come together for a stunning 2 day (and night) festival that promotes environmental awareness. The festival also raises money for social and environmental projects across the island.

The Koh Tao Festival is an event organized by the Save Koh Tao organization and the local community. The festival represents the culmination of a year’s activities and celebrates the good work done on the island. Two nights of international live music and DJ’s on two stages will entertain the crowds. Patrons are fed and watered by local vendors thus boosting the local economy even more. The festival is much more than just a party though, it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of problems facing the island and participation in local conservation efforts. The days leading up to the main two nights include release of juvenile or rehabilitated sea turtles, the introduction of baby giant clam nurseries, and host lectures from those involved in environmental efforts. Last year 40 cyclists from Koh Samui joined the opening ceremony and bicycle parade to raise awareness on reducing waste and conversing island resources. All of the markets and shops on the island have agreed to stop selling foam boxes on Koh Tao!

The Local government (Tesaban) and the Save Koh Tao group worked hard to get them to stop importing or selling foam boxes during the festival. This in itself has been a major achievement and is a good precedent for the groups to continue their efforts.