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Hinlad Water
Hinlad Water

Hinlad waterfall is approximately three kilometers south of Nathon, due west off route 4172. The signs for this waterfall are well marked. It is approximately a 2-3 kilometer walk down a country foot walk. The waterfall located in the highlands is very secluded and makes an ideal picnic spot. The waterfall originated from Lipa Yai canal flowing downward.

The walk to the waterfall provides visitors with shade from of its huge trees as they go hiking down a two kilometer trail. At times this hike can become a little challenging, but the pool at the bottom of the falls is worth it. Set in an evergreen rainforest with palms and creepers, the waterfall has several levels with a cool pool for a fresh water swim. The path winds its way through lush foliage to the picturesque spot.

This is surely one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island, a must for all nature-lovers. Make sure you have good footwear for this trail.